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Originally Posted by ///MattyV View Post
Sweet!! How do you like it? I garaged mine for the storm but wishing I had it cause the power is out already & I could've watched movies in my new bimmer!
Well, simply put, I love this car. The ride is extremely comfortable with the xDrive suspension and the adaptive option. Even in Sport, the ride is stiff enough to be confidence inspiring, but still compliant. There's none of that "crashiness" that the E90 had over washboard-type pavement.

I agree that the 328 I tested did feel lighter on it's feet. This car is noticeably heavier than the 328, but still feels fantastic. And... there's no substitute for the growl of the inline 6. Speaking of which, the exhaust note is much louder than I expected (in a good way) and this is the stock exhaust. There is a tiny bit of burble between shifts in Sport mode and I love the throttle blip on downshifts.

The ZF Sport 8AT is the best torque-converter automatic transmission I've ever driven, hands down. I'm blown away by the speed of the shifts. I will say, that when left to it's own devices, the AT does try to get into a higher gear as fast as it can, even in Sport mode.

Probably my only complaint is the steering. It's very good, but does not feel as connected and dialed in as the E90. I will get used to it... It's accurate and works well, it's just different.

I did not order the Harmon Kardon radio and I'm finding the stock sound system more than adequate. It's got clear highs and more bass than the E90 stock radio, but the F30 bass is mushy. Not a big deal... it's better than the E90 and I'm not an audiophile.

I've noticed that the opening for the oil cooler in the front fascia is already collecting leaves after 170 miles. 335i owners should check this occasionally.

Lastly, styling. I like how this car looks. Purely subjective, but I really do like it, even the front-end. And the coral-red leather is perfect, as is the aluminum trim.

I got back home around 3:30 PM and my wife immediately took it for a spin around the block, but the winds from Sandy were picking up so we parked it in the garage. She's itching to get out and drive it.
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