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Hello Jon,

Do you know of anyone that offers this type of service in TX? What do you think about offer posted below? What is considered a reasonable offer for leasing an 528i with Premium and Technology Packages?


Originally Posted by bpole308 View Post
Hi Everyone,

I'm currently getting out of a 528i lease in 6 weeks and my local BMW (Los Angeles) dealership is quoting me the following and saying I should take the deal by end of May (otherwise incentives may go away).

I'd appreciate if you guys can give me comments on this. I'm trying to verify the MF/Residuals/incentives are all correct:

535i Sedan (Silver Color)
Sports Package, Technology Package, Premium Package, Sprots Automatic Paddles ($500)
MSRP: $61,625
Invoice : $56,700
However, they added $380 Maco, $200 Training/Service Fee, and $231 "Dealer Prep & PDI Fee" so actual Invoice is $57, 510.

They subtracted $1500 loyalty rebate and current $1500 option allowance so I'm about $55,570 adjusted capital cost.

36 month / 12,000 mile lease:
Residual : 58%
MF: 0.00185

$1,352 Drive off (1st month & dmv fees + $135 tax on the $1500 rebate)
$785 (including taxes)

I have a few questions:
1) Is 0.00185 MF correct ? (i heard that owner loyalty may be lower)
2) is 58% residual correct ?
3) should they add MAco/Service fees and this $231 dealer prep fee ?

Any comments appreciated !
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