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Yeah, its kind of sketchy, and I am not that informed on German Engineering, but I am always up to learn new things. I have had one Audi, and sold it because I was not a fan of it being AWD. This was my response from him. He said the car did start, but sat for 5 months, but won't start now... The place he has it stored at, is a storage lot. The car looks exceptionally clean, but I would have to drive a little over 2 hours to see it, and I want to know more about this one situation before I waste my time and money in gas.

The car was running great (but still in
safe mode) until I tried to start it up after being stored for 5
months or so, now it cranks strong but won't start. BMW thinks that
the safe mode and the start issue is all related to a bad transmission
control module, so I have a good spare that I bought that needs to be
programmed at BMW with their machine. I was told that it would cost
75-100 to program the spare module. I bought the car for my daughter
and put all the money into getting ti right for her, but she ended up
going to UNL and doesn't need/want a car anymore because she lives on
campus. I don't have the time to figure it out or the space to store
the car anymore, so I'm selling it at considerably less than I have
into it.

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