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Windows 8 is a success depending on adaptability of Normal Windows users, that includes personal or professional consumers. I feel Windows 8 is in the right direction in terms of the general public and their purchase habits for tablet and other touch-input based devices. However a power user, in a personal environment (Gamers and everyone who uses the MS OFFICE SUITE) or Professional environment will hate Windows 8 initially. Its a Completely different animal, which means tons of change, which equals tons of resistance to Windows 8. Hence Windows 8 will be a reincarnation of the disaster MS had with Vista. This again is due to the mass resistance to change, the inability of many users to recreate their knowledge database of the new "tiled" UI in say 5 minutes, and the lack of touch hardware at price points that the majority of users tend to purchase (Aka i can bet if your buying a computer within the $200-600 range, your probs not gonna have a touchscreen, or nice big gesture-inputing touchpad).

Well see how it shapes up since I am not fortune teller.

What I do know:

most personal, home builders will probs be sticking with W7.
It has all the features gamers like (lucid hydra, SSD support)
it will be supported for the foreseeable future by MS.
It also is the most stable of Windows currently offered
Most professional environments are going to have to upgrade soon, MS will discontinue support of XP late next year ( although i heard 2014)
Vista=not going to be the upgrade route for Professionals
WIndows 7 which most folks are use to, and stable, vs untried W8.....
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