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My e36 has been for sale since 2 days after I purchased it. I dislike it THAT much.

You live in an area where they happen often, I live in an area where they don't happen. My city requires residents to have "historic" 80ft trees lining the roads so the town can "look better". When I say my city "requires" trees ... I mean there is up to a $1000 fine and a year in jail if you remove one without the citys permission. Even if you do manage to get a permit to cut down a tree, you are required to plant another tree in it's place or you face the charges above as well.

Do you know what those trees do to all of the power lines and poles running 2 feet away from them on every single block? Last year when we had a power outrage it took Weeks, not days to repair. The hurricane hit us way Harder than the storm last year.
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