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Got the 7 Home Premium upgraded to Windows 8 Pro last night and took a quick spin, just a few quick thoughts and experience:

- I downloaded the OS via Upgrade Assistant, put the OS on a 4Gb USB drive, a couple reboots, initial setup, added Windows Media Center, cleaned up Windows 7... everything done in about an hour. That's on my Core i5 with a relatively slow SSD. It's the smoothest upgrade I've ever had since the Windows 3.1 days. The only driver problem is the video card which I haven't started looking for solution yet,, but everything's showing properly on my TV via HDMI.

- Before the upgrade, I was still looking for ways to play MKV files in W7HP's MC... it's able to play the MKV created by DivX but not the one using MKV, I think it's got to be with the codec. In W7HP, MC would say it's not able to play the file, but in W8P it simply crashed the MC. If you have any success playing MKV on your W7 MC, please feel free to chime in.

- It does take some getting used to with the Metro as the "menu" is hidden in the Charm Bar's setting button if launching apps built for Metro. When you want to configure preferences on the app, just look for the Charm Bar.

- The MetroUI is supposed to be THE user interface for one to do everything in Windows at least 90% of the time unless one deals with file structure, settings and preferences, Yes Microsoft needs to do a much better integration between these functionalists and MetroUI, but it's not hard to adjust to.

- Since I didn't use the new OS extensively, the only performance improvement I can tell immediately is the shutdown process. Benchmarks performed by other geek-sites indicate minor gain in most measurements, but will not be noticeable to most casual users.

- Windows RT is definitely not the same animal as Android nor iOS, but one should compare it with "Mac OS, Home Edition" if such thing existed.

Originally Posted by HW View Post
it boggles the mind to think that desktop and large screen notebook user would like tiled application icons. if one is multitasking, they wouldn't want to move a whole bunch of windows around to get at an icon.
PH already addressed you on multitasking, now as for navigating tiles on the UI, just use your middle finger (yeah): The scroll wheel on your mouse move your metro UI left-and-right when you scroll the wheel up and down. It's simple and painless.

Originally Posted by NoI4plz View Post

What I do know:

most personal, home builders will probs be sticking with W7.
It has all the features gamers like (lucid hydra, SSD support)
it will be supported for the foreseeable future by MS.
It also is the most stable of Windows currently offered
Most professional environments are going to have to upgrade soon, MS will discontinue support of XP late next year ( although i heard 2014)
Vista=not going to be the upgrade route for Professionals
WIndows 7 which most folks are use to, and stable, vs untried W8.....
I don't know why Microsoft decided to exclude the domain feature from WindowsRT, simply in terms of effort and how much bloated it could be to add that into RT, but it should easily satisfy most enterprise business users. Anyhow, MS can also squeeze more from 8 Pro sales for sure. Win7 is stable but we can't say W8P isn't stable. One can only say XP to 7 upgrade path has the least user impact. ie no training required and less IT support in terms of answering questions like "How do I shut down this laptop running Windows 8??"

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