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Originally Posted by Griffoun View Post
Fixed it for you

I don't see Windows 8 bringing up the compatibility problem like the launch of Vista and 7 had, so it's a good thing. The only thing new Windows 8 brings is better features for touch-enabled desktop and laptops, otherwise like PH has pointed out, it doesn't demand higher-spec than its predecessor.
True, but I feel im on the Tomshardware or Anandtech forums LOL

I think, most users, as long as they buy software that was designed from the ground-up on the W8 platform, they wont have many problems. But individuals will have some compatibility issues with applications designed with the W7-prior applications. That's what windows technically has been for most users who havent jumped ship to Mac. You can use ur legacy programs with Windows, you might have some issues. But Windows 8 is a ground up change compared to previous MS Oses. Althought the MSDN blog says they did test a fair amount of software on W8, I believe these were recent applications, which can be updated in a jiffy, some legacy application makers either discontinued development or they just shutdown. what then lol. But yea, we will see once MS publishes there W8 upgrade stats (i think 4 million so far).
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