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Originally Posted by jmh View Post
Just posted this on f10.mpost

Latest update from BMW NA

Jersey City Vehicle Distribution Center
These facilities are currently without power and will remain
closed, Wednesday, October 31. Utilities are working to restore
power, however, they are unable to determine when power will return
due to the widespread affects of the storm.
At least out cars safe and sound on the boat. Hopefully no cars at the VDC have suffered damage (as most cars are in a parking structure/garage only a few should have been exposed to the elements) .
Also the folks from the VDC have likely other things on their mind than our cars and I hope they and their families are safe ! we'll get our cars eventually and still have plenty time to drive them.

Metal can always be replaced.
Guys I live in downtown Jersey City and we were hit HARD by Sandy. Had 8 ft. of water surrounding my building during the storm. The power was just restored early this morning and I suspect that the VPC is still offline. I can actually see it in the distance from my 8th floor apartment. A nearby dock had 16 Fiskers go up in flames after being flooded out by Sandy.

Im glad that Turnadot is reaching port after the storm. Can't wait to get my car!
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