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Originally Posted by Jen4BMW View Post
I have a nagging question for all you detail guys out there that is driving me crazy. I have a brand new 2013 Alpine White X3 Msport and have sealed the paint with Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant.

What I've noticed, actually felt, is from day one, even before sealing, the paint feels "gritty" almost metalic like all over. Is this normal with Alpine White BMW X3 paint? I am actually wondering if BMW had a bad batch of clear coat or something. Does this happen? The Wolfgang sealant gives me a nice shine but what's perplexing is how rough paint feels to the hand. It's like rubbing your hand over micro fine sandpaper.

The car felt this way straight out of production and so far hasn't improved after 3 sealant jobs. Does this sound like defective paint? Is this typical with sealants? Would switching to wax help? I'll clay it in the Spring but I don't this isn't the culprit. The car is brand new with only 4000 miles on it. I also have 2 tiny rock chips on the middle of the hood of all odd places so not even a direct hit. Cheap paint! What does a dealer normally charge Per chip?

Thanks for the input! Can't wait to hear what you guys diagnose and order up for a fix.
even brand new cars can have / often have paint contamination. As others have said claying would have helped. I'll give a brief summary of best routine for new car.
IMO most dealer prep on brand new cars harms the paint quality rather than helping as they don't have time/take time to do it properly---they do it fast.....

1. wash gently with two bucket method to keep contaminated mitt from rubbing on paint.

2. Iron-X vehicle. It reacts with tiny iron particles embedded into paint that can often be there at delivery. Rail dust (from railraod travel), industrial contamination, etc. Best to do prior to claying as this gets embedded particles and then claying gets surface contamination.
IronX is nasty nasty smelling chemical which turns purple when it meets/disloves iron in paint or on wheel rims (brake dust). Paint will be noticably smoother.

3. wash again.

4. now clay with ultra-fine clay like Pinnacle Ultra Fine Poly clay. Always always use least agressive correction method--not medium clay which can mar clearcoat.

5. Test to see if perfectly smooth.

6. I then prefer to use paint prep like Pinnacle Paint Cleansing Lotion which is non-abrasive polish which gets it even smoother /ready for protection. I use a premium quality dual action machine to safely/effectively do this step.
This step is not absolutely necessary but it's the final prep piece for a perfect job.

7. Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealent is excellent product BUT prep work/prep results are 95% of the final outcome. I use BlackFire Wet Diamond All Finish Paint Protection which is a sister product to your Wolfgang----both superb.

8. Not necessary step---top with a carnuba wax/ or combo polymer/carnuba product.

There are many other optional steps with wheels/tires, windows, interior, engine bay which I did on my new MB for a grand total of about 40+ hours but they are not as important.
I was hoping for a BMW 5 series Wagon but not available here in US so was forced to go
with MB E Wagon. Good luck with your detailing. is great site for info and products too.

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