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Shock Tower Braces

It could be the complicated things you guys mention, but this was the source of this sound in my car. Very disconcerting as it seems like something major is about to release and pop in the suspension. Like old time american cars with worn balljoints. Anyway, I found that in my car it was no more complicated that tightening the Shock Tower braces. You need a fairly large Torx socket. Maybe 10mm but you better check the exact size. These braces have a cross-hatched pattern in their underside, and the shock towers have a similar texturing. On my car, the texture had worn off of the shock tower from enough motion between the two parts. Anyway, a good torquing of the bolts, and I haven't heard back from the front end in 15,000 miles.

I'm adding pictures below of the parts I'm talking about. They are the black round tubes that come from the middle of the car behind the engine out to the top of the shock tower housings.

Your only challenge is getting under the middle section under the windshield and behind the engine as this requires you to take out the pollen filters and the plastic housings that hold them. It is really quite easy, but looks like a bigger pain in the head than it is. Just open the filter housings and take out all the nuts and bolts holding them in.

Don't skip the central ones. More complicated, but in my car, these too were loose.

Good luck. For what its worth, your description is exactly what I was experiencing.

If this is your problem, then it only costs 15 minutes under the hood to take things apart enough to tighten all four bolts... and the cost of the torx socket.

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