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My wife and I are thrilled with our 2010 550i GT, but we had to show some restraint and patience to find a deal that fit our buy number. I would recommend finding a BMW dealer that will pass along the savings that are possible on the GT to you. The dealers tend to hold their sale numbers high because they are able to provide the CPO warranty. The fact is that the wholesale numbers on the GT are low. The general acceptance of the GT is not as strong as the other products in the BMW line up. That is a wonderful thing if you are looking for a used GT, but not so much if you are looking to get out of one. I find it amazing that most people have not given the GT a more thorough look and more respect on he open market. The GT is amazing. The GT is wonderful under hard driving, and the 550i accelerates so easily for such a large vehicle. We love the interior room. The back seat is cavernous. The fully adjustable optional front seats are excellent. Just when you find a comfortable setting you find one more adjustment that puts you in a more luxurious position. The visibility is excellent. We do have the rear camera, blind spot detection, and lane detection (which sometimes is a bit annoying as it vibrates the steering wheel) all and all still nice to have.

In regards to the styling I feel like the GT is "more car" because of the rear. I now find myself looking at the 5 series sedan as though it is not on the same level with he GT. We did not buy the GT because we wanted to blend in with the crowd. We have had numerous people comment about the car with he overriding theme being that they have not even seen a GT before. This certainly is a matter of taste, and beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. I look at an 7 series differently now feeling that that would be our mode of transport at a later date in life. As my wife and I are in our 30's we feel the GT to be out of the norm and a bit more risqué. We looked hard at the 7 series, but my wife was drawn to the GT. This is the car she wanted. I do not mean to say that the big sleds are less than the GT, but with 9 year old and a 2 year old the GT just flat out hit the mark for our little family.

We are still learning the numerous features which gives us a sense that the GT will continue to intrigue us over the test of time. That seems to be so important being that as people become bored with their vehicle they tend to want to get rid of it prematurely and usually take a financial loss changing to another vehicle too soon.

The orange accent lighting in the interior is so nice. It accents the dash beautifully and baths my children in a soft glow on night rides that my son always comments on and I love when I glance back to see how my children are enjoying the ride. They are both just leaned back at a nice angle with happy comfortable looks on their faces.

I have not had a chance to post since we purchased our GT so I have dumped more emotion on you than nuts and bolts. I'd like to say thanks to everyone on this forum for the helpful hints and excellent kind information that has been provided to my wife and I. I think you will be surprised at the great deals that are out there on GT's especially if you can hold back pulling the trigger until you find the right deal that falls on you buy number. We are so pleased with our experience so far, and I hope that you have the same joyfull experience that my family has had with our GT.

Best of luck and have fun with your search.!
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