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24. Install the OEM VANOS mounting hardware and lift bracket.

Torque the 6mm hex nuts to 10Nm-7.5ft/lbs, and the 8mm stud to 24Nm-18ft/lbs.

You can now Jump to down to labelled Universal Instructions.

Universal Instructions:

47. Install the 2 LEFT HAND THREAD T30 torx head screws to secure the VANOS pistons to the helix cups. I recommend a drop of medium strength threadlock here as well.

Torque them to 10Nm-7.5 ft/lbs.

48. Locate the piston oil plugs. The o-rings on these tend to harden and need to be replaced. BMW does not sell the o-rings for the plugs separately. New plugs with o-rings cost less than $2.00 each. I recommend just replacing the entire plug rather than trying to find o-rings that fit the used plugs.

Apply some oil or assembly lube to the o-rings then push the plugs into the VANOS pistons until they snap into place.

49. Install new sealing washers on the access plugs, then install and torque the plugs to 50Nm-37ft/lbs using an 8mm Allen driver.

50. Reconnect the exhaust cam position sensor plug and the exhaust VANOS solenoid plug.

51. Install the intake VANOS solenoid plug and the VANOS oil feed line. Use new sealing washers on the oil feed fitting.
Torque the oil fitting to 32Nm-24ft/lbs using a 19mm socket. You are now finished with the VANOS system timing and assembly.

From here, just reverse the removal and make sure you do up all your connections and get everything back in place (no kidding... it was late when I wrote this)

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