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Talking Difficult issue resolved.

This a email/letter I sent to the GM at Fields BMW Lakeland... Great Job and I highly recommend them in Central Florida area.


First of all I want to say a huge thank you to John and his lead Tech, Terry. Terry has the auto troubleshooting skills I aspire to and the guy was just brilliant at finding the problem before we started ordering a bunch of expensive replacement parts. It turned out to be a single faulty wire on the wiring harness at the DME box. I believe the wire wasnít properly seated in the connector and had loosened to the point where the CAS/EWS module couldnít communicate with the DME. There is no diagnostic computer that would have isolated to that level. It is just pure experience and knowledge of the BMW wiring system to have found that problem. Had Terry not found that one wire causing the issue, John was ready to start quoting me prices for hardware replacement, even when the diagnostic computers werenít indicating a problem. We were that close according to John. These cars are so complex and I am glad that Fields BMW Lakeland has the human diagnostic skills to service my car. Kudos to Terry.

As for John taking oversight of this problem, I cannot think of a better person than John Elmendorf to lead your Service Team at Fields BMW Lakeland. I recall Fred G from your competitor in Tampa, then at Fields Lakeland and John just blows him away with his passion to resolve a difficult issue for the customer. Fred was one of the main reasons I stopped having my car serviced in Tampa. He came across as just an all business guy. I can only imagine how tough it is to run a Service business at a dealership. There are all kinds of people who own BMWs, but John saw my passion and knowledge of the car and was able to step back and say something isnít right about this situation and let his tech work through the problem. I cannot say enough about the gratitude I feel for how this was handled and settled with John. I hope the guys on his team learn and follow his passion to do your best and make the customer happy they serviced at your dealership. When you show your passion for what you do, it draws people to you. John and his team will continue to get the work I cannot or donít have time to do myself. In my retirement, I would love to work for John fixing BMW cars.

Finally, I want to say that I am sorry for venting as loudly as I did at the beginning. There is a very personal reason why I was so frustrated with the initial Fields starter diagnosis and repair that didnít fix the problem. My son is into BMX racing and we have been saving money to buy him the parts to build out his new racing bike for the upcoming 2013 racing season. We had a $1200 budget to spend on getting that bike frame race ready. When I found out we blew that money on a unnecessary starter replacement for my car and potentially unknown money on getting it to start again, I blew my own head gasket so to speak. I didnít have the heart to tell my son that I couldnít afford to get his bike finished for him before the start of the next racing season. I made a commitment to him that I would take care of that initial investment to get him started at a competitive level this coming year. Johnís handling of the situation and the settlement with me has allowed me to keep that promise to my son and we are looking forward to fun racing season all over the state of Florida. If you see a Titanium Silver 545 on the roads with a silver BMX racing bike on top, that will be us cruising in style to the next race. If you have a couple of small Fields BMW decals/stickers, we would be happy to put them on the bike frame and share this story with others across the state. We are both grateful for how your Service Team handled my car situation.

Best Regards,

Bob Cooper

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