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Originally Posted by robertobaggio20 View Post
And of course the reason why the bleed screw fix held was because the silicone window sealant applied thickly all around the bleed screw before insertion, expanded as it hardened, holding the bleed screw fast against the walls of its socket, and OBSERVABLY able to handle the high pressures building up on a premium luxury sports sedan driven hard over three days, without a trace of a leak or steam.

There we are. Makes sense doesn't it? Except perhaps to superstitious lobbyists..who shall be left to their own imagined terrors henceforth....

Like I said, please spare us your miraculous results until you have a bit more than three days testing on it. You are probably the only person reading this that thinks a three day test makes for a solid conclusion.

Silicone shouldn't harden, and it certainly isn't designed to expand as you claim.

Just one more example of rigging your vehicle to blow, bobby baghead style.

Imagine your terror when it does let go, because it will....
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