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Originally Posted by hornhospital View Post
I answered in your thread on the E30 forum, but I'll say it here, too:

Injectors. Pull them and clean them. That random misfire points toward injector problems.
Replied. I did pull them and soaked them overnight then Seafoamed it. Might put some in the tank and oil then do the vac line again.

Originally Posted by drivinfaster View Post
i r b here....wit teh snorkelz.

and flippurz...gotta haz teh flippurz.

i am up way too late again searching teh interwebs for interwebz stuffs...

anyway, i would agree with ken on checking the injectors, but i thought that you had swapped them out and cleaned them earlier?? (see, i can 'member stuff, too...)

but if you haven't run any seafoam though i would do that,

and road blast.

probaly gotta stretch her legs a little...

besides, why u post in teh e30 section...i thought that we already established they don;t know how to do anything but swap m50 into that chassis...

Haha, I've been beating on it now that it doesn't miss much.

Originally Posted by TheFinanceGuy View Post
odd thought, but how old is the gas in the tank? I think you said you've been driving it all week, so its probably fresh.

when I got my 318- PO was running 87 octane, and it was probably 2month old fuel. Engine ran like a donkey...

Because of the 87 octane, the engine was retarding the time to compensate. So maybe the timing is off/old gas/I-have-no-idea-but-this-sounded-good-before-typing-it
I ran it empty and filled her up with some 89!

I'll keep driving and report back. I need to fix my fuel pump because the fuel sloshes out the tank when I turn hard lol.

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