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Originally Posted by txrealtor View Post
I'm not sure why anyone would do this "rigged up mess of a job" to their car.
Its a quick fix that held up surprisingly well, (which I did not expect).

If fixes that are :

1. reliable, fast and can be implemented at any time of the day or night by yourself without anyone's assistance,
2, allows you to keep on driving after a tolerably short delay,
3. don't involve you carrying pounds of bulky material in your trunk in case you need to make that quick fix suddenly (one tube of high temp silicone window sealant and one roll of pvc tape, both of which are useful for more things than just bleed sockets that whose threads have gotten stripped due to repeated use over the years),
4. that save you time and money and helps you get moving without too much of a fuss, allows you to drive and schedule repair work at your convenience with yourself or your mechanic that might involve many other related components thus saving you alot of time and also money due to grouping work together,
5. which saves the lives of people who would otherwise be run over slowly by 3500 pounds of the panzergruppe's finest if they dare give you dirty looks that imply that you're driving an E34 because you're poor and can't afford "a decent car",
6. if you don't have a stop nag button on your spouse,

.....are not important to you, and if you feel these reasons wouldn't be relevant to others as well, then I understand why you feel the way you do.


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