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It depends on whether you like a new car or not. Yes, more powerful, but is it worth it? I still have my '01 jet black E46 330i SP, 5 spd (Buick steering replaced by BMW free) with lots of little issues, 2 bad window regulators (had all 4 replaced under warranty), windshield plastic trim starting to crack, service engine light on due to slight vacuum leak, slight leak from the windshield washer tank, a little loss of coolants, leaking few drops of oil, but damn, the car still run like a charm with 142K miles. Just came home from a 3000+ mile road trip, 29.4 mpg, 130 mph (GPS verified) top speed. Except for the sand blasted front, the exterior still look fairly new because it has always been garaged. It boils down to do I want a new boring F30 335i with 300 hp or a used 2007 997 Turbo with 480 hp (a little more money). The decision was a no brainer. No regrets what so ever.
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