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Originally Posted by tdd View Post
If you have lots of kids and a large extended family that likes to travel comfortably together in the same car, and don't mind folks mistaking what you drive for a 5-series, and Chris Bangle is your hero, and you're happy with road-car-driver disconnect (you'll be especially happy with the electric steering), and love an almost flat non-driver-centric cockpit and a cheap non-sensical dash and interior with sh*t all over the place, and you're eager to be a beta tester for all the design and technology sh*t that the krauts put into a car that may be bested in a year or two by Cadillac and a host of other mfg's that BMW (in its infinite marketing wisdom) decided to "move up to" and f*ck with, and love spending time at your BMW service center swapping stories with other first-adopters, and can swallow (with a smile) the indignation of having folks tell the guy parked next to you how much they like his new Ford Fusion, then yes, "upgrade".

Interesting points about the first adopters. Would love to hear your thoughts on the E90. --- or perhaps a new 135i
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