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Hey guys I started working on the vehicle today my plans were to do the valve cover gaskets, timing cover gasket, and the alternator bracket gasket. As of right now I have worked on the vehicle for approximately 3 hours and have Been able to take off the driver side valve cover gasket and started working on the timing cover gasket. I have been running into a problem locating an easy way to get out the fifth bolt on the timing cover gasket. It appears that the bolt is located behind the alternator bracket. Is there an easy way to get this out without removing the alternator bracket or do I need to remove the alternator bracket in order to get out the last bolt on the timing cover. It seems like I am doing something wrong because everywhere I see it only calls for approximately 2 hours to replace the timing cover gaskets. I think what I am going to do tomorrow is start working on the alternator bracket to completely free up that area and see if I can get to the bolt on the timing cover gasket easier. Any advice would be helpful thanks.
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