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Hello, I came here because I have not been on this forum for too long. I absolutely believe in the value of the forum and wanted to post a comment out of guilt for not contributing for some time. When I saw this message I knew I could provide a substantive reply to it because I was faced with a deliberate clouded presentation by the dealer when I bought our 2012 X5 diesel at end of 2011. The finance manager pushed this hard citing the need fir exoert run flat tire mounting. I took him up on it as the insurance also included rain sensing replacement. He told me my insurance company would not replace this windshield. I also bought it because he stated I could cancel the policy within 30 days. Insurance was around $3500 for the 5 year warranty provided with hte vehicle. Within a few days of purchase I rounded up a full set of undamaged current wheels with my Bridgestone run flats with 90% tires. Bought the entire set shipped from Saint Louis, Mo for $650. Wheels are perfect. I did this because this forum produced comments again and again about run flat owners being stuck all over country waiting for run flat tires to be delivered to them while on trip. I wrap up one of my spares and use the space in the rear to take the spare whenever I go on a trip over 400 miles. Regarding the windshield, the business manager was totally wrong. USAA told me that they would replace my rain sensing windshiled in kind because not doing so would alter the safety aspect of this windshiled purchased on my new vehicle. It took me 12 weeks to get my insurance refunded simply because the dealer had some sort of deal with the insurer on this. THis whole presentation was crap in my opinion......$3500 for tire insurance that would leave me stranded if I had a flat and useless windshiled insurance. Most would probably not wrap and carry a spare on long trips like I did, but I like the peace of mind knowing that if something really unusual happens and I lose a tire, I have a almost new runflat ready to mount. I even carry a compact jack and breaking bar with socket down in the rear storage well so I can do the changeout if and when it ever comes. I don't think the insurance is worth it. As you probably know they estimate about 150 miles range on a down in pressure run flat tire. When I wear these out I will look into conventional tires for my vehicle if they will mount on my wheels. I don't think the whole run flat program is user friendly. That's my position.
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