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Originally Posted by snowsled7 View Post
I do read your posts bobby, maybe you should? These quotes from your OP sure seem to imply that this could be a permanent fix. I didn't make that up, you said it. Just wanted to striaghten that out sonny.

Yes, and that's what I mean. I never said that its merely a temporary fix. And now i believe its truly a permanent fix.

Of course, radiators being as cheap as they are, most people would eventually elect to replace theirs, as I did. The car is worth investing in. But its nice to be able to get good sound sleep at night until then. On my ride, this was as permanent a fix as can be. I drove the car hard (on the second day after the sealant fix). The radiator must have been under immense pressure. Zero problems, zero steam, rock solid. Take it for what its worth.

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