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Originally Posted by ard View Post
Terry- Tell the whole seem to be addressing my comment with a half-answer: You cannot erase traces of operating parameters that are outside the limits allowed by an unmodified DME.

Correct? Just a straight, honest answer. If you can clear this history, please tell me how.

I am not talking codes and shadow codes, i am specifically talking about operating characteristics that might be stored immediately prior to a major event.

In theory DME load, for example, could be stored along with RPM and other DME parameters. But what you might be missing is that with a piggyback these sensor values are reported back in the OEM range. With piggyback tuning the DME always sees the OEM boost values, for example. It's inherent to how piggyback tuning works. So only flash tunes are at risk for detection using that direct sensor out of range method.

To counter that BMW added a series of plausibility codes that indicate you may have a piggyback installed. For example if fuel consumption exceeds a normal range for a given load a code is triggered that indicates the technician should check for an external device. It does not prove you have such a device as higher ethanol content fuel can also trigger the same code, for example. But these are the codes the BT cable can fully whip out.

And for the record we do not endorse warranty fraud. If you break something, you should pay for it. But our Stage1 tuning is fairly mild with only a ~3psi increase over stock. Similar to what BMW offers with their in house aftermarket tuning. It's very reliable.
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