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Originally Posted by r0gue View Post
It is a possibility. I had assumed there would be some "look out for this", or "avoid that", but that there would be some, "the new xyzThingy will be great". Having once owned an E28, I'm wondering if back then when I was buying my E46 if this same sentiment was held toward the E46. Or if the new F30 is just truely Sheisse
The E46 is a wonderful, wonderful model, but at this point the E46 forum, where I have many fine friends, is populated by the seriously hardcore E46 fanatics. If you want more objective opinions about changing from an E46 to an F30 you need to ask in the F30 forum for the opinions of owners who have actually made the switch.

Yes, when the E46 came out it received a similar reception from E30 owners (two generations removed, as theE46 is from the F30) and to a lesser degree from E36 owners. Naturally each succeeding iteration of each BMW model moves the brand closer to the sh!t pile. It's getting really close now to where no one will buy BMWs anymore and the company will go belly up.

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