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Tire Pressure and other Issues

Guys I bought X5 2013 this year in June.
I have a questions about

Tire pressure
Since its starting to get cold in Louisiana i have noticed few morning i have low tire pressure alert. But after i go through the reset ritual it goes away. Sometime quicker then other times.
Very frustrating. Is this normal?

Also, I would have thought i would get better mileage. My average speed is 22/m/h and my consumption is 15m/g. I am using regular gas to save a buck. Would putting premium make it more efficient? Any ideas?

Lastly but not least,
is it just me or the "bing"noises drive people nuts. For all the alerts from low gas to seat belts to start/stopping the car. Not to mention when you switch off the car the radio still runs!!! why.....

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