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Starting a Car that's had a Long Sit

I have a 1989 325i that had been sitting about a year; I won't go into why. I'm in a rural desert area and someone from the county seat an hour's drive away came out here and cited me (and others, I presume) for having an non-operating vehicle on my property. I had it covered and it's in the back of my driveway (not like it's parked across the front yard or on blocks!), but she claims the code is that it has to be in storage if it isn't operating--even though I've kept its registration and even the insurance current. (Is it time for me to switch to the Libertarian Party?)

Anyway, I tried to start it and the engine would try, but just not start. I thought it might be the battery, so I installed a brand new one this morning. Still the same thing. I saw the gas indicator said empty (and the indicator might be out, for all I know; it's had electrical problems in the past), so I put a gallon of gas in. Still not starting. It's turning, the engine just isn't engaging. Might it need new spark plugs?

Sorry I don't know the correct terms. I know very little about cars. There's a neighbor I have a couple blocks away who told me he once had the same car, so I'm hoping I can find him and that he'll stop by for a try and some advice.

Until then or in case I can't find him, does anyone have tips? Please keep it kind of simple for a non-mechanical dumb blonde.
The county's giving me two weeks to get the car out of sight or operating.
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