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Originally Posted by naved View Post
It's a 2001 x5 3.0 ..thanks for the threads..going to be a while till I can replace oil sep' and hoses..

Q: What can I do until then

Q: Is it safer to idle the engine till it warms or drive till warms up..?
Follow the users manual says;

Driving off immediately:
Do not allow the engine to warm up by Leaving it run while the vehicle remains stationary. Instead, begin driving at moderate engine speed. This is the fastest way for the cold engine to reach it,s pirating temperature.

I start mine and let it idle for about 20-30 sec to allow oil pressure to build (which takes far less time) and the engine components to be fully coated and then just keep it under 3k rpm and driving easy. Letting it sit idling may allow your engine to warm up, but it does not warm up the transmission.

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