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We lost power from noon monday when a neighbors tree fell on the power lines. Ripped my service off the house. Luckily I am an electrician and I installed it in the first place so the repair was about $20 worth of material and my labor. The next day the LIPA tree cutters came by and removed the tree and that night they restored power. We were very lucky this time. We also have gas hot water and stove so we do not lose our cooktop or hot water and with a 3000w generator we never lost food and essential lighting. Now gas is starting to flow at the gas pumps so life is almost back to normal for many. Some places like Long Beach, Freeport, The Rockaways and especially Staten Island were hit so hard my heart goes out to them. It will be a long time for them to recover. I was at a friends house in Freeport helping him with getting his power restored and everybody was putting their furniture and destroyed possessions out to the curb for garbage pick up. It was very sad.
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