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Problem, I have not been able to find much about replacing the OEM incandescent turn and brake bulbs with LED’s. Like many I was disappointed that my new X3 did not come with LED’s for the turn signals and brake lights (My two year older F10 does have them) so I started pulling together as much info from all the forums I could find and then started filling in the holes. I have read good and bad about Error Free LED Bulbs and did not wish to cut any wires to add load resistors, so I looked into coding as an alternative (I just started coding on both my FXX vehicles with great success).

Result, I am 99% sure I have figured out the codes which check for front & rear turn signals, brake lights, fog lights and reverse light errors on my F25. I tried it this afternoon by removing a bulb then coding that particular bulb to “not active” and it worked, the BC warning and fast flash rate both went away immediately. Now I am going to order regular LED bulbs and see if there are any problems. If this works I will post the codes for others to use.
I am attaching a PDF of an Excel Spreadsheet with the coding fixes for LED Bulb Errors, using this fix you can install any LED bulb that fits the socket. Coding was done using BMW E-Sys Software and Cable that I purchased from April1. I started coding about 2 months ago after discovering that this was an option to personalize my F10 and F25 BMW’s. This posting is not about “how to code” but will give those coders the directions to fix the bulb errors. This sheet only contains the codes I changed, I was able to figure out the nomenclature for some of the bulbs and I will list those below.
NSW: Front Fog Lights
NSL: Rear Fog Lights
RFS: Reverse Lights
BL: Brake Lights
FRA_HL or HR: Rear Turn Signals (Left or Right)
FRA_VL or VR: Front Turn Signals (Left or Right)
WBL: I am uncertain but believe this is the Rear LED Brake Strips on HID equipped F25’s.
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