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Originally Posted by tgb1974 View Post
I am about 1/2 through my first tank on a new 2012 X5d and, after about 90% true city driving (Chicago), the trip computer is showing about 15.7 mpg. I am not hitting it hard or anything, just a ton of stop-and-go traffic (and yes, I reset the trip computer before I left the dealership). Is this normal or does it get better over time? I am most interested to hear from X5d owners who do mostly city driving. Thanks in advance!
Hybrids are significantly better for "around town" driving than are diesels. The logic is basic. Hybrid's leverage the electric motors from ZERO "up to" as much as 45MPH. That electric assist is VERY helpful in keeping fuel consumption low on those types of vehicles. I have not yet tested this expectation between the wife's Highlander Hybrid and my X5 Diesel but I am not certain I need (or want) to bother any head-to-head testing... at this time.

If you do a lot of city driving, a hybrid may have been the better choice. Of course the hybrids also have other issues (battery wear & tare, no engine noise at times so people & animals can & WILL run out in front of the car from time to time, etc) so nothing is perfect.

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