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You can decrease the loudness of "bing" noise in the car's settings (go to "Settings" menu in iDrive, then "Tone", then "Volume settings" and turn the "Gong" option all the way down) ... And you can easily avoid seatbelt and low fuel "alarms" alltogether if you'll use your seatbelt properly all the time and learn to refuel the car at the appropriate time

As for fuel efficiency - other people already gave all necessary advices: check the tire pressure with an accurate tire gauge while the tires are "cold" since underinflated tires will decrease MPG, don't use regular gas (there's no real "savings" in it if the manufacturer designed the engine to use higher grade gasoline), try to choose routes with less "stop-and-go" traffic. And you shouldn't have purchased a V8 model (if this is what you have) if you're really concerned about fuel efficiency, there's a diesel model for this which works much better in slow, "stop-and-go" traffic conditions.

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