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Originally Posted by GoHawks63 View Post
We've had our 2011 CPO X5 Premium for about two months now. Generally I'm pretty impressed with the car. This is our first X5, actually it's our first BMW ever.

Most of the things that we are adjusting to are just design differences like putting the power door lock button on the center of the dash as opposed to on the door like God intended.

I am impressed with the performance and ride. I forget I'm driving an SUV.

One thing though on the driveability that has annoyed my wife and me. The accelerator "tip-in" which is probably associated with the spring in the pedal. We noticed it on the test drive and we figured we would eventually get used to how we would put our foot on the accelerator and start off smoothly. After two months it still feels like we have to pay too much attention when pulling away from a light to prevent everyone from feeling like we're doing jack rabbit starts.

Is this a BMW thing? An X5 thing? or is there maybe something up with our vehicle.

We have owned many cars over the years. Actually between my wife and I, about 15 over the last 24 years so it's not like I haven't driven my share of cars.
The non-linear throttle response does occur on many BMW models... I believe it is due to programming of this feature in car's ECU, since similar things have been fixed on other models (such as new 5-series) with a software updates. If it bothers you much - maybe try complaining to a dealer, ask him to check if the car's ECU software is the latest version, it may need an update which may (or may not) change the throttle response...

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