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Angry Total Electronic Failure!!! - X6 35d

Hi Guys,

Brief History:
I have just moved from the UK to Kenya and I brought with me a BMW X6 35d. It is less then three year old and has only been driven in Kenya for 2 months.

On Saturday we had some really heavy rainfall and we get some massive puddles (mini lakes) on the roads. Drove the X6 pretty fast through one of them which created quite a splash, carried on driving for another 25 km with no issues. Parked up at work and didn't give it another thought.
Few hours later when it was time to go home all hell breaks loose. I try to start-up the car and the dashboard lights up with all these warning signs and the idrive pops up with a message "Electronic Failure". Radio is going on and off signs keep flashing, the car starts up fine but it's going nowhere. Thought i would let it dry out for a few days and see what happened, unfortunately same issue today. Although today it did start up normally at one time till i restarted it then it went funny again.

I know i need to take it to a dealer to have a look at it, but in Kenya there is only one official dealer and you know what that means !!!

Any suggestions? Where is the electronic control box kept?
I was thinking either the electronic control box got soaked or the battery is dying and this is a coincidence with the water or as I don't know the grade of the diesel here it may be something to do with the DPF.

Any help would be appreciated.
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