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Originally Posted by JayMac View Post
I agree, but you also don't have any idea of how this was maintained prior to me. You can find plenty of pictures where the engines look spotless. You get more hp at the expense of heat so you have to find a way to get ride of it. There is a reason the the S54 is one of the few set ups that comes from the factory with an oil cooler. Another issue with oil is low mile trips suck. You get condensation in the block and if you don't get the oil up to temp for a suitable amount of time you don't distill off the water and that forms the acid that helps get you sludge. I was pleased not to find scoring on the cams, which is more of an indicator than the dark crap. If you go back and look at my shots of the oil pan. That was all caked on. It took two hours of scotch pad, WD40, brake cleaner and simple green to get that off. Oil choice is important too. BMW changed the weight spec of the oil after the bearing incident. It went from 5 w 30 to 10w 60. This opens up plenty of debate on oil and the like. For the record I don't plan on the specified oil rather something that is higher in zinc and phosphorus.
Amsoil all the way man. I know they used to make a Z rod oil that we ran in my dads chevelle. Stuff was high zinc and phosphorus....every time we pulled the block apart it was like the thing was cleannnnn. Stuff has awesome wear protection. Not trying to steer you towards one product but +1 on Amsoil.

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