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Well...lots of views and no responses so I'll go. I replaced my Goodyear LS2 Run Flats (245/50 R18) with P Zero Run Flats this weekend. My right rear blew out on the LIE Friday evening. I had 24700 on the tires and they needed to be replaced anyway but I'd rather have done it on my terms.

Let me say this about Run Flats. I drove home (about 22 miles) at 50mph or so with no trouble whatsoever. I was fully intending to ditch them for conventional tires but this experience turned me right around on that. Sure I know that the roads in the NYC area are not good for run flats and that probably had a lot to do with the blowout in the first place but I was really pleased with their performance in extremis. Now I just have to drive a bit more carefully in the winter with the P Zeros.

This was also my first time resetting the TPMS. If you haven't done it before, here's my experience so you don't freak out. Before you drive away for the first time on the tires, initialize/reset the TPMS. This might take more than a few minutes. After you stop/turn off the car for the first time after you've reset the TPMS, be prepared to see another alert suggesting you check the pressure again and reset the TPMS. The second alert freaked me out but it kind of makes sense to recheck the pressure and reset again.
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