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Originally Posted by floydarogers View Post
Don't know about the wagon, but since you have AWD you don't actually have sport springs: you have AWD springs, which are taller than the regular ones. The AWD springs (I'm speaking about sedan) ALWAYS break. Both mine in my 330xi broke before 100K miles; I wouldn't be surprised if the wagon ones are in the same boat. The extra height but same size metal just is too stressed.

I suggest you check the threads for solutions for sedans; I believe that there are a couple.
Interesting, so "sport package" with AWD just means different steering wheel and seats? Or would the shocks be different, just not the springs?

I still don't know if wagons use the same overall height and spring rate as sedans for the rear, since there's more weight. Realoem doesn't show part numbers for springs due to so many differences.

The thread on E46F led me to a nice PDF of aftermarket option & specs, but it looks like every option involves lowering, which means 1. replacing all 4 and 2. lowering my snow car (no thanks). AND I can't tell if an aftermarket sedan spring would be appropriate for the wagon. Am I totally overthinking this?

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