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Originally Posted by hornhospital View Post
Put more than a gallon in it. That may not be enough for the fuel pump to start picking it up.

Not knowing how much you know about testing engine function, I'll just give you basic stuff to look at.

Check to see if the fuel pump(s) are working. You should have fuel pressure at the fuel rail (where the injectors are). You can take the fuel line off and put it in a small container, then turn the key on for a few seconds. You should get a strong flow of fuel into the container (it really helps to have some help holding the container and fuel line while the key is turned on and off) You should be able to hear the high pressure fuel pump working when you turn the key to "run" position (where the dash lights come on). It will run a few seconds, making a buzzing or humming sound.

If you have fuel flow, next check for spark. You can get a spark tester at an auto parts store, and they only cost a few dollars. If you have spark and fuel the engine should crank.

Now I want to ask, how the heck does this inspector know the car isn't operable? If you moved it to a different spot in your yard and leave the cover off, are they going to come out and check to see if you can crank and drive it? Pardon the rant, but every time I read of this kind of government nannying it makes my blood boil. What right do they have bothering you in a rural area, especially since you've kept it licensed and insured the whole time??? Grrrr. Just pisses me off hugely.
Thumbs up to that.

If you have a garage you would be able to park it in there and shouldn't have problems with the county if you can't get it running in time. I know where I live if your car isn't registered with current tags or non op it can't be parked in your driveway it has to be non visible from the street.
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