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Originally Posted by csmeance View Post
that is some deep marring on the paint. You should be able to polish out most of it but your going to have to take it to a professional who knows what he's doing.

Keep the sponge in the kitchen and use a sheepskin mitt to clean the car. If you have stuck on bugs, take a fleece blanket that you don't mind messing up, soak it in a solution of carwash soap (the stuff you normally use) and drape it over the front 1 hr before you start washing. The bugs will rehydrate and be easier to remove.
Thanks for the reply/advice,

I took the car into the BMW dealership today and they said they could get most of the scratches out on the metal but the one on the sideskirt might be tough b/c it's plastic.

The detailer advised me to get a full exterior detail done for $129, which is unfortunate but getting it done right and going to the professional I think will be my best bet.

Defintely the last time I make that mistake, but I will definetely use that fleece blanket idea in the future!

thanks again.

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