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Originally Posted by fun2drive View Post
Big the dealer going to cover this or are you?
That's a big question.

Today is 5 weeks exactly from when I first posted about this issue. This morning when I went out to start the car, it sort of started to crank, then it stopped cranking and started clicking and all the dash lights were flashing like strobes, and just as I thought sure it was going to go "all stop" it turned over and started. I drove the 5.5 miles to the dealership and handed over the keys to my SA with a full explanation. As of 3:45 this afternoon, they still could not reproduce the behavior but are keeping the car for further investigation.

While I think it's a red herring, the SA keyed in on my saying that both times this has happened it's been coincident with me washing the car, so they are wanting to check for possible points of water intrusion.

I think it's a weak or faulty cell in the battery, because I've been doing the same type of behavior for 3 years now and it is just suddenly an issue.

I never got a chance to try the good old fashioned "load" test before it choked. I'm getting to the point where every morning when I fire it up, I'm going to have my cell phone capturing a video of the process, so I can catch it the next time it happens and have some solid evidence.
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