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New 2012 X5d and new to the forum

Hello, I am new to the forum. I picked up a new 2012 X5 35d last week at BMW of South Atlanta. I was looking at the Touareg diesel because it was the only diesel SUV in my price range, trying to keep under $52K. I took a test drive and I really liked the car, but it did something that I had read about. At between 70 and 75 Mph the steering wheel began to shimmy at a very high frequency. Everyone denied knowing anything about this problem, but it is all over the internet and apparently almost impossible to diagnose and fix. I was also worried about their adBlue system.

At any rate, I didnít think I could afford the BMW until I went to the USAA car buying service. I only went to look at the BMW for fun. With stickers usually well above $64k I didnít think there was a chance. On the 2013 they were ďguaranteeingĒ between $5k and $6k off the MSRP. When I looked at the 2012 it jumped to $11.5k and suddenly it was looking attainable.

I shopped the dealer web sites in the area and found a white 35d with the cinnamon brown interior, premium package, premium sound, soft close doors and apps that was available at my local dealer and just as importantly in my price range.

The deal worked out to:

MSRP $63745, USAA credit -$2500, Eco credit -$4500, doc fee +$600 plus $200 for a couple of accessories for at final price $52450. It worked out to about invoice minus $7000 plus the adds or about the $11500 off MSRP. I hadnít planned to finance, but USAA also gave me 60 months at 1.69%.

So far I am really enjoying it. I am trying to be gently during the break in while ensuring that I vary the RPMís and load. Most of my work commute is at 45-65 Mph and with just a little city driving. Over about 400 miles I have averaged 27.3 Mpg.

The iDrive takes a while to get used to, but I flew F16ís years ago and I didnít know what any of the buttons in that did either when I first got in. It is becoming more intuitive.

I like the premium sound. I have heard mixed reviews, but I found that if you adjust the equalizer, and then the bass and treble depending on the source, it sounds great.

The Nav is more difficult than my old Garmin, but may turn out to be easier using the voice controls.

Only problems so far are that I am having trouble linking the garage door opener to my garage. It may just be too old. And, the other day I came to a stop at a light and there was a burning smell that seemed to becoming from the engine compartment or possibly the brakes. This was at about 375 miles. After making a stop for about 30 minutes, it didnít occur on the rest of the drive home. I didnít see anything unusual and have read that others have experience this, too. I'll have to keep an eye on it. Lastly just below the fuel door there are several small yellow spots that didnít wipe off with water and a cloth. They are tiny, but hopefully the first cleaning will take care of them.

One question, besides locking the door is there a way to make sure all the electronics are off when you exit with the key. I walked into the house this morning and minutes later my cell phone rang and when I hit answer it went to the car.
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