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Smile Looking to buy an X5

Hey guys, so I am looking around for SUV's, i was looking for something that had decent power in terms of performance, but still had good features and styling.

So far i looked at the early 2000's Mercedes ML55 AMG, 2001-2003 X5 4.6is, and now ive decided on a 2004+ 4.8IS.

Reason being behind all that, i love amg, but i feel like the older ML's styling is more woman like vs the x5's angular lines.

And the 4.8is over the 4.6is being one, that its a little bit of a newer car, 2 better performance, and 3 has the 6spd trans vs 5spd.

What id like to know is, what are common issues with these cars to look for, and estimates for those parts?

I do all the work on my cars myself, and i dont take them anywhere except for alignments and to mount tires, so im not worried about the labor costs as that usually makes the prices skyrocket. Also i own an Audi so im "used" to i could say, working on german cars.

Im wondering about pricing the most, because on my audi everyone says things are expensive, but after i have finally owned one, its a big lie, parts arent anymore expensive then any japanese car, just sometimes may be a pain to change/fix something but you get through it, only thing thats expensive is if you take it to a shop to get worked on, like the previous owner did and her bills were huge.

But yeah any of you knowledgable ones on the e53 chassis, if you could chime in on common issues, what to check when purchasing, some prices on common parts, etc.

Thanks in advance.
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