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Here's a link to a the most comprehensive set for $20: This is a cheeeep price too, they go for about $40 on ebay. Oreillys' I think is about $30

Not sure how much of a DIY'er you are- but if you got this one, you wouldn't need another- it has it all. Heck, I might even be interested in buying it from you used if you don't want to keep it, my set is a bit old anyway.

The O2 stuff is like finding a needle in a haystack. I don't know where Thomas (the guy from meurosport site) pieced it all together-- nobody keeps the stock of misc. fittings on hand that they used to. His is built right, he machines it-- and the part is compact. I'd look for a low pressure gauge (off the top of my head) on eBay-- something like would be used for ATV tires-- anything that would read 0-10 lbs should be just right, as it would indicate smaller increments more accurately.

I would definitely check the recirc / fresh air button-- see if that makes a difference. The fresh air is right there on top of the hood-- and shouldn't be pulling in exhaust fumes. If it's stronger when in recirc, I'd be more inclined to think perhaps there's something going on with the flaps in the trunk. By the way, in the rear deck-- right below the rear windshield-- that vents directly into the trunk, where those flaps are-- a "stuck" flap would allow exhaust fumes to creep into the trunk, and right into the passenger compartment. A really easy way to test this would be to sniff around as best you can near the rear deck with the doors closed, engine idling. If strong, I'd head into the trunk area to sniff around-- but that's not going to be as accurate since the exhaust is right by your shins-- and rising into your face and trunk area.
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