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I think, since he's leasing, the payment is the focus vs the Msrp. For example my 640 GC leased slightly more than a $20k less 550i. If the BMW was 25k more than the Porsche, it be about same lease layment or less than the Porsche. In addition, currently with the holiday credits, loyalty, apps you can get about $4700 in rebates in addition to a discount of about 7k (depending on Msrp). Thats 11-12k off the BMW's already cheaper price, whereas my Porsche contacts will stretch at 7k off a 100k Panamera s.

Now that I've drive the 640i for 2 whole days, I'm loving its re each time I get in it. It's a great car. They are both great. Different. And by the way, I would not personally classify the Panamera as a sports car if you are
Calling the BMW a sports sedan. They are both sedans with 4 seats. The engines and options on the pcar make it more like a sports car if you load it up, but at end of the day, they both drive more like a sports sedan. That's what impressed me with the Panamera. It didn't drive like a hard sports car but a well oiled and refined piece of machinery with svelt feeling and smoothness. Period. An all around great experience and yes I'd get another. They are different (didnt we say that already lol). But both super cars. In my opinion, the f06 is gorgeous and brand spanking new. It's the flavor of the day!
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