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Originally Posted by Db750 View Post
... Hey Tim, great to see another Lexingtonian here on bfest. Not too many of us on here...!
Ain't that the truth?! Kind-of a shame. It'd be nice if there were more 'Festers' around here; then we could put together some car gatherings and such.

Originally Posted by Db750 View Post
... At one point while reading your story about the truck I was sure it was going to crash...!
Yeah, that wasn't too hard to see coming, was it...? It's probably just as well that he didn't crash; if he had, he'd have been telling the cops that I'd caused the wreck...! And believe me, Millennium Yellow C5's are not very hard to pick out of traffic...!

Originally Posted by Db750 View Post
... My friend has a diesel Super Duty and he just got some tune that apparently adds 2376234 torques and he swears that he can run with me, but he's always too busy to race...
That sounds like a convenient excuse to me...

Originally Posted by Db750 View Post
... If you ever decide to move forward with the M6 purchase hit me up on here. I would be happy to let you take a look at mine...
Thanks, David! Yeah, I'd be interested to see your ride sometime. It may help me decide which "M" vehicle I'd prefer. Feel free to PM me sometime and we can meet up for a beer and compare car notes!

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