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Update: (Subtitle more Horse Puckey)

This morning I got the call that once again the car threw a whole bunch of "Unfavorable Driver Behavior" codes.

The SA point blank asked me if the car doors get opened and closed "a lot" between driving the car. "Well, uh - yes, when I'm giving the car its weekly bath, driver's door gets opened about 5-6 times, passenger door 3-4 times, trunk at least once, then there is the two stage top down to dry and lube the seals, then top up. And yes, sometimes the car gets turned on, pulled into the driveway then turned off. Isn't this normal/usual behavior if you own and maintain a car? Shouldn't a battery be able to deal with this?"

"Well, yes", concedes the SA. "That is why we are going to go ahead and replace the battery in your car and do the paperwork to get BMW to "goodwill" it even though they really don't like to do that when the car throws 'UDB' codes." So, the new battery has been installed but the car is spending another night at the dealership on their monitor to see if it has a phantom voltage sucker.

Now I am in earnest going to finalize a decision about which batttery tender to buy.

It's election night. I think I need post a poll......
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