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Originally Posted by yogi799 View Post
I wouldn't quite agree with any of that. Ie. a diesel engine must be considerably larger to produce the same power. Ie. a 335d would be an equivalent of 328i, not 335i. 335i is over a second faster in a 0-60 dash and this is typically how we've come to compare car's power and performance (we don't usually compare torque in small cars as that's more applicable to other applications such as towing). A 335d would therefore be quite a bit more expensive than a 328i.

Diesel engine needs larger displacement to produce similar power. Likewise, a 4-cycle engine needs to be larger than a 2-cycle for comparable power.

This is most easily verified by studying performance numbers.

I do agree with Dunderhi, however, that in a typical city driving diesel will sure enough "feel" quicker, as RPM is typically low. Not so much on an autobahn though (or some faster interstates). There, torque loses its glamour and anything above 60mph is all about true power (where 335d would compete with 328i, not 335i). 335i leaves the diesel in the dust.
I have driven the E90 328i, 335i, and the 335d. I found the 335d was the most enjoyable of the three to drive. The 328i's lack of torque made it rather boring to drive. My 335d pulled straight to its speed limiter at 150mph. I seriously doubt the 328i would perform in the same manner.

BTW, the 0-60 times (the best from C&D and R&T) for the 328i, 335d and 335i times are 5.9s, 5.3s. and 4.7s. Going to the quarter mile for the 328i, 335d and 335i times are 14.6s@96mph, 13.8@101.3mph. and 13.3s@105.7mph. The combined EPA fuel economy for 328i, 335d and 335i are 22mpgs, 27mpgs, and 22mpgs. I know which cars has the best combination of performance AND efficiency in my book.

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