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I considered a base 335i to get the horsepower. However, I couldn't resist the M sport line package. Especially since it unlocked the estoril blue. In the end, I just couldn't afford the M sport line on a 335i. I ordered a 328i, manual, in estoril blue with red leather. I was very impressed with the 328i on a test drive. It felt light and nimble yet solid. The acceleration was insane even with the 8 speed automatic. Amazing transmission and it's no charge! It was the first time in my life I ever considered an automatic and I'm 40. I own an Audi A4 now and the new 328i is light years ahead of my 2003 A4 performance wise. I did drive a manual, Audi S5 before I decided on the 328i. I just couldn't afford a $50k base price car (S4). If you have an S4 now with 330hp supercharged engine, you'd definitely want to go with a 335i with the 300hp turbo. I assume you can afford it since you have the S4. I also feel that BMW leans more towards sport as far as the interior and Audi leans towards luxury. I was ready for a change. Maybe you are too?
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