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Bluenutsnak, welcome to the forum.

From your comments, I take it you are used to diesel trucks.

The 335d is a different animal. If you stick with brand name pump diesel, you shouldn't have problems with the BMW fuel system, including the filter and fuel pump. Ultra low sulfur diesel has improved consistency as part of the regulations and hasn't been much of an issue with the new high tech diesels in North America. If you have a high percentage of biodiesel, say, over 5%, it would not be recommended by most manufacturers, and don't even think of using home grown used vegetable oil, or WVO.

I would be more concerned with the urea injection (DEF) and exhaust particulate filter (DPF) on these cars, given the way Alaska roads are and their reputation to tear into the undersides of cars and trucks. Having no spare tire is another issue with the run-flat tires for you, as you may want to change over to regular tires with a spare and a jack kit.

As far as reliability similar to the old diesel trucks, it remains to be seen if the modern motors with their delicate turbo control systems and high pressure direct fuel injectors will last 300,000 miles without major problems, but if you take care of machinery it might take care of you.

I can't imagine you not liking how the 335d performs, even comparing it to a diesel truck. The BMW will put a smile on your face every time.

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