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Originally Posted by BMR_LVR View Post
Even though this relates to an E36, Iím posting it here because it has the same M50 engine and electrical system as the E34.

This is the story of a BMW loverís journey ......

I consider myself an electrical moron, so I have to tell you, I was scared to start cutting and bridging wires. So, I cut the green wire #4 and capped off each end. I then cut wire #1 and #3 at the EWS module and spliced them together. I put the red label DME in the car. I turned the key and the dashboard lit up as usual, but the engine would not turn over. Remember me mentioning how the EWS was activated when I forgot to put the antenna ring back on the ignition tumbler when I replaced it? Well, I knew that the EWS was being activated because it was the exact same scenario. So, I also spliced wires #1 and #3 on the DME side as well. Again I tried to crank the car. This time the engine would turn over, but it still had no spark and would not crank. Now I was really ticked off and thinking that I had no chance of fixing this thing. So, I just put the wiring back to as it was from the factory and I put the silver label DME back in it with the intention of having it towed to my mechanic........

I hope this long winded dissertation has or will help someone who faces a no-start situation.

Best regards,
Given attecntion to what you mentioned about the cutting and splicing of wires #1 and #3....

I just had to switch a new(to me) DME into my 1996 328is, so I followed the video instructions and cut/capped the green wire of the EWS to disable it and now the car will turn over but will not crank. I then tried the original DME and the same thing it would turn over but not crank.......Did I miss something about splicing wires #1 and #3?

After reading this post, this is my TO DO LIST when I get off work this evening:
1-Retry new DME with it in compartment and properly grounded as mentioned previously in thread
2-If still no crank... trouble shoot if it is fuel or spark issue
3- If injector or spark issue return to EWS disable method(and hopefully hear something from this reply by then)

Thanks to Steve for this awesome thread/write-up, and thanks in advance to those who read/reply,
Best Regards,
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