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Originally Posted by Spaz'E36 View Post
Given attecntion to what you mentioned about the cutting and splicing of wires #1 and #3....

I just had to switch a new(to me) DME into my 1996 328is, so I followed the video instructions and cut/capped the green wire of the EWS to disable it and now the car will turn over but will not crank. I then tried the original DME and the same thing it would turn over but not crank.......Did I miss something about splicing wires #1 and #3?

After reading this post, this is my TO DO LIST when I get off work this evening:
1-Retry new DME with it in compartment and properly grounded as mentioned previously in thread
2-If still no crank... trouble shoot if it is fuel or spark issue
3- If injector or spark issue return to EWS disable method(and hopefully hear something from this reply by then)

Thanks to Steve for this awesome thread/write-up, and thanks in advance to those who read/reply,
Best Regards,
If there is no crank, it cannot be a fuel, spark or crankshaft sensor issue. Those would only cause a no-start situation. In fact, it cannot even be a bad dme. That would cause a no spark issue too, but the cranking would work as long as the battery has juice. However, if the EWS system is defective, the battery is dead, or the battery's fusible link is damaged, or of course your starter is busted (pretty rare) you won't get a crank at all.
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