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This question will be properly and better answered at the European Delivery or Ask a Dealer subforum.

However, my two-cents: look for a more willing and informative dealer to to ED if you could. You are not going to have the best price or even the best ED service if you stay with this one.

Originally Posted by ekbimmer View Post

I've settled on the M3 and Eruopean Delivery for sure and have loads of questions. First, I have read that pricing on specific options can be broken out if for European Delivery which can be advantageous versus just packages vis-a-vis BMW USA pricing/configurator. True or no? If so, then who to go to for that ... local dealer or specialist or what? Sales guy at local dealer already telegraphed to me he's not too keen on ED and almost pouted about not losing his margins ... really? I may eventually be ablet to work with him, but don't really feel like having to drag him along on this ride. Is there any disincentive for using dealer from wherever? After all, local dealer would be doing service which we all know is their real honeypot. Second (or would that be 3rd or 4th), I plan on taking advantage of USAA special discount AND ED which would be double whammy good deal, but deadline is Jan 2, 2013. That's no problem, except that we would want to target more like April, 2013 timing for Munich delivery. Is that a reasonable expectation or will I be subject strictly to BMW's mfg scheduling if that must be earlier or even much later? And I haven't even gotten into the ED itenerary questions. But that can wait for now. 1st things first.
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